Dalya Amira – Ageless Grace

Traditional Bellydance for Women 45 and Older

Why Dance?

Mention bellydance to women of any age, particularly women over 45, and you get the following reactions:

  • Nobody’s seeing this belly
  • I’m too fat
  • I’m not graceful
  • I can’t dance
  • I’m out of shape
  • I’m too old

Women who pursue the art of bellydance quickly realize that the shape, size or age of their bodies is not as important as what they reveal of their heart and soul. The more dancers you see, the more obvious that becomes.

Older women have more experience and wisdom to bring to their dance. Belly dance movements are utterly feminine in a deep, rich way. We don’t actually lose sensuality and beauty as we age. We seem to decide we can’t have those qualities. A woman who dances from within cannot help but be beautiful without. Many women approaching middle age feel the urge to throw off societal constraints and spend more time on their own enrichment. Bellydance is the perfect vehicle for this exploration.

Here are some great reasons to bellydance:

  1. Get a deep core workout, while also practicing balance

  2. Buy AND WEAR pretty, sparkly things.

  3. Experience your femininity again.

  4. Break out of your routine.

  5. Strengthen bone through weight bearing exercise.

  6. Develop grace and confidence in your body.

  7. Challenge yourself. Do something you could never see yourself doing in the past

  8. Meet other interesting women.

  9. Improve coordination between the nervous system and your muscles.

  10. The most important: HAVE FUN!

AGELESS GRACE classes are designed to accommodate the changing female body. You will learn to expand the capability of your body in safe way and in a comfortable environment.

AGELESS GRACE CLASSES are taught by Dalya Amira in the Doylestown area. For further information call (215) 230-7887. Classes for all ages taught by appointment.

DALYA AMIRA (Vicki Burke) has performed and taught in Bucks County, Philadelphia and Lambertville NJ, She is a long time student of Najia who is a prominent performer/teacher in the Philadelphia area. By day she is Dr. Victoria Burke and practices chiropractic in Furlong. This allows her to teach belly dance in a safe, individualized way. And because she is over 50, she understands the changing female body – and its possibilities!

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